Doctors-in-Training Subcommittee

The Doctors-in-Training subcommittee is now accepting applications from ABM members to serve as a volunteer. The subcommittee is interested in filling 4-6 positions. 

The purpose of the ABM Doctors-in-Training Subcommittee is to recruit and engage new ABM members, identify the ways in which trainees fit within the structure and organization of ABM, facilitate connecting trainees with peers and mentors, and provide educational and professional resources.

The subcommittee will serve as a branch of the Membership Committee and will focus on recruitment, engagement, and professional development for early career members. This is to be achieved through support of Membership Committee recruitment initiatives, identifying needs and opportunities for professional development of trainees, and cultivating future leaders of the academy.

Under the direction of the Doctors-in-Training appointed to the Board of Directors, the subcommittee will:

  1. Assist in recruitment efforts of the Membership Committee and create engagement opportunities for early career ABM members.
  2. Engage and connect with doctors-in-training during the annual in-person conference.
  3. Develop mentorship-based program(s) to connect mentors and mentees.
  4. Participate in regularly scheduled conference calls, possible in-person meetings, and perform associated duties.
  5. Be active, engaged, and accountable.



Lissette Moreno, final year medical student
American University of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten, the Netherlands

Dr. Katie Fourie, GP registrar
Victoria Clinic, Hamilton, New Zealand 

The Doctors-in-Training subcommittee will include the two Doctors-in-Training members (non-voting members of the Board of Directors) who will serve as co-chairpersons along with one regular member of ABM. Any current DIT member can participate in this subcommittee. DIT members may also serve on any of the other standing committee.


  1. ABM members who are Medical students, medical interns and residents, and Fellows are eligible to apply
  2. Governance: non-voting Doctors-in-Training members of the Board of Directors will co-chair the subcommittee
  3. Term: Staggered two-year terms for chairs, serving one year as co-chair and the following year as Chair

 The call for applications is now closed. 

Please send questions to Caryn Odenbach, ABM director of membership and marketing at [email protected]