2020 Accepted Posters

All e-posters will be available to attendees to view at anytime. Each poster will include an audio clip from the presenter and a chance to chat with the authors of the poster. 

Role of nutritional support and breastfeeding in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), as indicated by decreased morbidity, mortality, and length of stay Shereen M. abd elghani
Use of Nipple Ointments and Outcomes for Managing Breastfeeding Pain Shereen M. abd elghani
Contraceptive Choices and Fertility Intention among Women on Exclusive Breastfeeding in South West Nigeria Kolade Afolayan AFOLABI
Non-maternal Nursing in the Muslim Community: A Health Perspective Review Fouzia Alhreashy
A mixed-method evaluation of the views of medcila teachers on the applicability of infant and young child feeding chapter in Saudi Medical colleges Fouzia Alhreashy
Lactation in the Workplace: A Pediatric Employee Survey Tavor A. Allali
Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1 in Human Breast Milk and Its Correlation with Infants’ Parameters Jehan Alsharnoubi
Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis Diagnosed During Pregnancy Associated with Successful Breastfeeding Experience Adeola Awomolo
The value of breastfeeding and the costs of artificial feeding to society: An analysis of the methods and comparison of results Melissa Bartick
Donor Breast Milk versus Formula for Treatment of Hypoglycemia in a Newborn Nursery Nicole Baumann-Blackmore
Low Breastmilk Production Associated with Brexipiprazole (Rexulti) Shruti Berlin
Perceptions of Lactation-Related Discrimination Experienced by Physician Mother Trainees Caitlin Billingham
Breastfeeding Counseling based on Formative Research at Primary Care Health Services in Mexico Diana Bueno
Mother’s Milk Messaging™ (MMM): Mixed Methods Evaluation of Bilingual App and Texting Program to Support Breastfeeding (BF) Maya Bunik
Mother’s Milk Messaging™ (MMM): Mothers Favor Daily Texting and Reliability of App Content in Qualitative Evaluation Maya Bunik
Venlafaxine for functional breast and nipple pain in a breastfeeding woman: Case report Sarah Calhoun
Breastfeeding Initiation and Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates During the Delivery Hospitalization Are Lower in Spanish-speaking Vs English-speaking Women in a Large Medical System in the Midwest United States Clara F. Chlon
Utilization of a New Breastfeeding Medicine Consult Service Holly Cummings
The association between breastfeeding and abnormal glucose metabolism at 1 year postpartum following gestational diabetes Jia Jennifer Ding
Parental Perceptions and Patterns of Cannabis Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding at a Canadian Tertiary Obstetrics Centre Anne Drover
Induced Lactation for Adoptive Breastfeeding Dyads Asti Praborini
Study on the effect of combined treatment of abscess puncture on milk volume Haifeng Gao
Report on a Series of Cases of Granulomatous Mastitis in Multiparae during Pregnancy and Lactation Yajun Gao
Impact of Lactation Consultation on Breastfeeding Rates in Women with Gestational Diabetes Laurie Griffin
Does increased use of breastfeeding smartphone applications improve breastfeeding rates among low-income women? Laurie Griffin
Effectiveness of Workshop for Teaching Breastfeeding Promotion and Management to Medical Students Miena M. Hall
Methods Matter: A Comparison of Macronutrient-Based Methods for Deriving Energy Values in Human Milk Erin Hamilton Spence
A Qualitative Analysis of Providing Low-Income, First-Time Mothers with a Manual Breast Pump Adrienne Hoyt-Austin
US women’s awareness that breastfeeding reduces breast cancer risk Adrienne Hoyt-Austin
Qualitative study exploring the LGBTQI parental experience with infant nutrition in the setting of current breastfeeding guidelines Jason Jackson
Perinatal psychiatric symptoms and the continuum of breastfeeding in African American women Swati Jain Goel
Feeding Outcomes in Infants with Tongue Tie Who Did Not Undergo Lingual Frenotomy: Implications on Breastfeeding Stephanie Y. Johng
The Role of Lip Tie Release in Infants with Breastfeeding Challenges Associated with a Tight Maxillary Frenulum Stephanie Y. Johng
Breastfeeding Education: An approach to educating first year medical students Camron L. Johnson-Privitera
Comparison of growth and morbidities in extremely low gestational age infants fed sterilized shelf-stable versus Holder pasteurized donor human milk Sarah Jordan-Crowe
Improving Postpartum Breast Pumping in Mothers of Babies in the NICU Karampreet Kaur
Breastfeeding continuation rates following gestational diabetes Martha B. Kole
Short Term Neonatal Outcomes of Colocating and Breastfeeding Infants of Mothers Who Tested Positive for SARS-COV-2 Parvathy Krishnan
Impact of a novel smartphone app on low-income, first-time mother’s breastfeeding rates: a randomized controlled trial Adam K. Lewkowitz
Characteristics of neonatal patients who received combined in-home medical care and lactation support in 2019. Jessica Madden
Tandem Breastfeeding and its Impact on Human Milk Macronutrients Content – A Prospective Study Dror Mandel
Impact of exclusive breastfeeding on maternal body composition at 6 months postpartum Nicole E. Marshall
Lack of Permanence in Measures of Secretory Activation in Breast Pump Dependent Mothers of Premature Infants in the First 14 Days Postpartum Clarisa Medina Poeliniz
Sharing the Science of Lactation and Mothers’ Own Milk with NICU Families and Staff Paula Meier
Associations between maternal medical history and symptoms of dysphoric milk ejection reflex Anitha Muddana
Efficacy of a Pediatric Resident Developed Educational Module in Increasing Resident Knowledge of Donor Milk Xiang Ng
Testosterone Impacts on Milk and Infant in a Lactating Transgender Individual, A Case Report Sara Oberhelman
Assessing Clinical Recommendations for Interruption or Cessation of Breastfeeding Sara Oberhelman
Breastfeeding Practice Before Bottle Feeding Increases Breastfeeding Rates for Preterm Infants at Time of NICU Discharge Raylene Phillips
The Effect of Intrapartum Complications on Breastfeeding Success Stephanie Radke
Effects of a Donor Human Milk Program on Maternal Breast Milk Rates Amanda Rahman
Perioperative management of a lactating cancer patient undergoing surgical placement and removal of an iodine-125 brachytherapy plaque for uveal melanoma Elizabeth F. Rieth
Preliminary results from a survey of the pharmacologic, herbal, and nutritional galactagogue prescribing practices of physicians in the United States and Canada Anna Sadovnikova
Implementation and Evaluation of a Breastfeeding Medicine Curriculum in Undergraduate Medical Education Piper Sandel
Increasing Lactation Clinic Patients Per Hour: A Quality Improvement Project Jennifer A. Somers
Helping Early Bloomers: Evaluation of a late preterm breastfeeding support program Katherine R. Standish
Experiences of breastfeeding and milk expression in a Latinx community in rural Iowa Amelia Underwood
Increasing the Use of Donor Expressed Breast milk in the NICU by Katrin Lichtsinn, MD, Jianzhong Ji, MD, Lakshmy Vaidyanathan, MD Lakshmy Vaidyanathan
Hand Expression Simulation: A Staff Education Intervention to Improve the Provision of Maternal Breast Milk for Infants Admitted to the NICU Laura Ward
Differences in the Early Breastfeeding Experience in Women With and Without Obesity Laura Ward
Predictors of the Provision of Mother’s Milk Feedings in Newborns Admitted to the NICU Laura Ward
Is the Newborn Weight Loss Tool Clinically Useful for Predicting Excess Newborn Weight loss at Day 4 of Life? Laura Ward
Addressing Community Gaps in Breastfeeding Support:  From Hospital to First Visit Julie Ware
Breastfeeding attitudes and practice amongst mothers with neonates with congenital heart disease Hanano Watanabe
A Graves’ Matter: Poor Weight Gain in a Breastfed Infant Janean Wedeking
Preventing Dental Caries in Breastfeeding Toddlers: 2020 Updates Gina Weissman
Utilization of Team-based Lactation Consultant/Primary Care Provider Breastfeeding Support in a Socioeconomically Diverse Practice. Ann Witt
Four Years after Donor Milk Implementation in Our Mother-Baby Unit: How Are We Doing? Rana Alissa
International Lactation training trip in China Jie Chang
Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates Increase Following Implementation of Strict Visitor Restrictions During Covid-19 Pandemic in a Large Medical System in the Midwest United States Clara Chlon
Initiation, Duration of Breastfeeding and Specification Factors That Influence It Chrysoula Papachristou