Workshops are 90-minute interactive sessions. Workshops will be offered at two times, with four at a time running concurrently. In-person attendees can select one in each time slot. Virtual attendees will be streamed one in each time slot, as determined by the planning committee

  • Reducing Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding in the USA: Strategies that Work 
  • Implementing a Breastfeeding Medicine Elective in a Residency Program 
  • NICU to Home Program Significantly Helps Increase Duration of Breast Feeding for Preterm Infants 
  • Multimodal Protocol for Induced Lactation in Adoptive Breastfeeding Dyads 
  • How to Use Motivational Interviewing to Help Families Meet Their Breastfeeding Goals 
  • Introduction to Protocol 21 Breastfeeding Guideline Update: Breastfeeding Among Mother-Infant Dyads Affected by Substance Use or Substance Use Disorders 
  • Rethinking Benign Inflammation of the Lactating Breast - the Clinical Implications of the New Mechanobiological Models of Breast and Nipple Pain 
  • Physician Education and Support on Breastfeeding