2021 workshop presentations

Thursday, November 4, 12:30 - 2 pm

Breastfeeding Journey of a Preterm Infant in NICU and Post Discharge
Shruti Gupta, MD and Dana Czuczka, IBCLC MPH

How to Implement New Clinical Protocols and Guidelines in the Hospital or Clinic Without Starting from Scratch
Sarah Calhoun, MD, Laquita Morris, MD, and Gina Weissman, DMD RN IBCLC FABM

Telehealth Lactation Support during COVID-19: What We Learned, What We are Doing, and What is the Future?
Adrienne Hoyt-Austin, DO, Melissa Chen, MD MPH, Nicole Hackman, MD FABM, and Laura Kair, MD MAS

Virtually Amazing, Baby! Build Your Own Web-Based, Family-Centered Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Program, Based on a Successful Model
Julia Gabhart, MD CLE

Friday, November 5, 12:30 - 2 pm

Implementing a Quality Improvement Program to Develop Local Breastfeeding Champions
Tara Williams, MD FAAP FABM

Induced Lactation, Relactation, and Supplemental Systems: Why, When, and How
Ana Lucia Ruiz Cabrera, MD IBCLC, Mariana Colmenares, MD IBCLC, and Liliana Umaña, RN

Lactation Group Visits: A Virtual Endeavor
Jennifer Somers, MD IBCLC and Melissa Robery, MD IBCLC

Perioperative Management of the Lactating Patient: Caring for Breastfeeding Mothers Undergoing Surgery or a Procedure Requiring Anesthesia Care
Elizabeth Rieth, MD, Kara Barnett, MD, and Jennifer Simon, BSN RN CPAN IBCLC