What Every Physician Needs To Know

Get Instant Evidence-Based Breastfeeding Education at Your Fingertips: Microlearning Videos on the Foundation of Breastfeeding Support, Management, and Clinical Problem Solving.

This innovative library of videos offers on-demand, just-in-time access to bite-sized learning covering key lactation and breastfeeding topics. Adapted from the full-day, in-person course, What Every Physician Needs to Know About Breastfeeding, Part 1, these videos empower all healthcare providers who serve lactating and breastfeeding persons to confidently and effectively address the most common breastfeeding issues.

Why you'll love these videos:

  • Evidence-Based Expertise: With content based on ABM’s protocols, as well as statements and guidance from ACOG, AAFP, AAP, and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, and presented by breastfeeding experts, you can trust the content is accurate, up to date, and evidence based.
  • Just-in-Time Microlearning: Find answers quickly with a library of short, digestible videos on specific topics such as risks of not breastfeeding, management of breastfeeding in labor and delivery, breastfeeding the preterm infant, medications and human milk, and management of breastfeeding.
  • Inclusive Knowledge: Benefit from comprehensive information relevant to all providers committed to evidence-based practices and optimal breastfeeding outcomes.

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The What Every Physician Needs to Know Microlearning Videos were supported by a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.


Why Breastfeed Video

Why Breastfeed? Risks of not Breastfeeding
Gail M Herrine, MD IBCLC FABM 

Process of Breastfeeding Video

Process of Breastfeeding: Anatomy and Physiology

Management of Breastfeeding in Labor and Delivery Video

Management of Breastfeeding in Labor and Delivery
Alison Stuebe, MD MSc FABM FACOG


Breastfeeding and the Preterm Infant Video

Breastfeeding and the Preterm Infant
Eyla Boies, MD FABM FAAP 

Medications and Milk Video

Medications and Human Milk
Bobbi Philipp, MD FABM FAAP 

Breastfeeding Technology and Resources Video

Breastfeeding Technology and Resources
Kristina Lehman, MD IBCLC FABM NABBLM-C 

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Video

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
Paula Schreck, MD IBCLC FABM



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