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It takes a village to support a successful breastfeeding journey. In order to grow the breastfeeding medicine community, the Academy is delighted to engage health care team members with a new affiliate membership category open to non-physician healthcare providers who promote, protect, and support breastfeeding families.

The new ABM affiliate membership includes an online subscription to ABM’s journal, Breastfeeding Medicine. This premier journal provides evidence-based information for understanding the complexities and benefits of breastfeeding for parents and infants. View a free sampling of Breastfeeding Medicine below.

The Interaction of Donor Human Milk Availability and Race/Ethnicity on Provision of Mother's Own Milk for Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Anita Esquerra-Zwiers, Michael E. Schoeny, Janet Engstrom, Jennifer Wicks, Jennifer Szotek, Paula Meier, and Aloka L. Patel

Affiliate membership benefits include: 

Eligibility requirements

  • NP, RN, PA, IBCLC, RD, SLP, Certified Nurse Midwives, and other healthcare professionals with an advanced degree interested in Breastfeeding Medicine who are certified by the appropriate entity.
  • To qualify as a PhD “Affiliate Member,” one must be conducting research or studying a field related to breastfeeding medicine.

Annual Dues Rate: $190

The ABM Membership cycle renews on an anniversary-based membership. This means your membership will be active for one year from the day you join.

Call Member Services at (800) 990.4ABM (USA toll free) or (847) 375.4726 or email [email protected].


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