This ABM Nominations Committee is currently searching to fill the following Board of Directors positions:

  • Director-at-Large (4): Three year term with the option to renew for one additional term
  • Treasurer (1): Two year term with the option to renew for one additional term
  • President-Elect (1): Two year term as President-Elect, two year term as President, two-year Immediate Past President

To learn more about each position, along with applicant requirements, role and responsibilities, time commitment, and more, please select the positions listed above.

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General Qualifications

  • Must be a Standard or Gold member in good standing for three (3) consecutive years
  • Hold a MD, DO, MBBS, DDS, DMD or equivalent degree from an accredited school of medicine or osteopathy
  • Must present a documented history of volunteerism in ABM and/or other professional associations
  • Ability to travel to the ABM Board in-person meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual International Meeting
  • Ability to attend virtual Board meetings throughout the year


This year the ABM Board approved an enhancement to the ABM Nominations Process. Utilizing best practices in Board recruitment, ABM will be seeking input from applicants on their leadership, strategic, and multi-representational competencies. The focus is to create a well-rounded leadership body that is both inclusive and diverse. 

A full list of leadership and strategic competencies is available. We invite all potential candidates to review and reference the list before submitting their application. 

In addition to the full list, the Nominations Committee is searching for individuals that possess the following highly desired competencies:

  • Negotiation
  • Teamwork
  • Community Outreach
  • Financial Literacy

The Process

The full nominations process involves three large steps: identifying need, recruitment, and selection. To view the visual of the nominations process, please view this diagram.

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 Call for Nominations closes on May 25.  Don’t delay!