Presenter Poster Title
Shereen Abd Elghani Soliman, IBCLC The Effect of IV Fluid during Labour on Neonatal Weight Loss
Elham Alqudah, MD The Gap Between Breast and Bottle, What are the Disparities in a Large Community Hospital in Southern West Virginia?
Insi Farisa Arya, MD Massage Testing in Mobile Application to Improve Breastfeeding Supporting in Sub Distract Area
Adeola Awomolo, MD Facilitators and Barriers to Achieving Breastfeeding in Physician Birthing Individuals
Teresa Baker, MD Apixaban Transfers into Human Milk: A Case Series
Teresa Baker, MD Reasons Associated with Cannabis Use Frequency among Breastfeeding Women: Results from an Online Survey
Tamar Bakhtadze, MD PhD Relationship between Maternal Prenatal Stressful Events and Neonatal Characteristics and Duration of Breastfeeding
Tessa Baum Breastfeeding and Access to Breast Pumps in Southeast Missouri
Beatrice Bichara, MS BSc Implicit Association Test of Infant Feeding among Healthcare Professionals
Christine Bixby, MD IBCLC Impact of COVID-19 on a Comprehensive Inpatient Lactation Program
April Castillo, MD COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines' Effect on Maternal Milk Supply and Lactation Related Symptoms
April Castillo, MD Effects of Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination on Breastfed Children
April Castillo, MD Maternal Satisfaction with Breastfeeding Outcomes Two Months after COVID-19 Vaccination
Jie Chang, MBBS Maternity Care Practices Related to COVID-19: Breast Milk Feeding Outcomes for Patients Testing Positive for SARS-CoV-2
Melissa Chen, MD MPH Milk Expression and Lactational Amenorrhea at 6 Months Postpartum
Camille Clare, MD MPH The Historical, Psychosocial, and Cultural Context of Breastfeeding in the African American Community
Jeannette Crenshaw, DNP RN LCCE IBCLC NEA-BC FAAN Feasibility and Outcomes for Women and Newborns with Skin-to-Skin Care during Cesareans: A Quasiexperimental Study
Felicia Daniels, MD Skin to Skin Contact and Mother's Own Milk Consumption in Preterm Infant-Mother Dyads
Jane Die, MD MPH Making it So: How Well Does Workplace Lactation Legislation Translate to Community Action?
Enrica Bettinelli, MD Breastfeeding Experiences in the First Month of Life: An Observational Study in a Tertiary Maternity in Milan
Julia Gabhart, MD CLE A Web-Based Prenatal Educational Intervention in an Urban Community Hospital: Patient Satisfaction, Strength of Prenatal Intent to Breastfeed, and Breastfeeding Rates
Kara Garcia, MD IBCLC Multidisciplinary Newborn Well and Lactation Clinic: A Novel Approach to Improving Family Medicine Resident Lactation Education
Sheela Geraghty, MD MS IBCLC Providing Remote Breast Milk Feeding Support: A Virtual Quality Improvement Journey
Melissa Glassman, MD IBCLC FAAFP FABM Impact of Breastfeeding Support Services on Mothers' Breastfeeding Experiences when Provided by an MC/IBCLC in the Pediatric Medical Home
Kaitlin Gonzalez, MD Conceptualizing and Creating the Northern Ontario School of Medicine's Novel Lactation Policy
Karin Gray, MD Donor Human Milk Supplementation in the Newborn Nursery and Breastfeeding Outcomes
Alejandra Gutierrez, MD IBCLC Induced Lactation, Presentation of a Successful Case
Maha Hanna, MD Decreasing Nipple Trauma and Pain after the First Latch to Improve the Breastfeeding Experience
Laura Kair, MD MAS Experience of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Care among Black Women in Sacramento, CA, USA: A Community-Engaged Qualitative Study
Sarah Kamilah, MD A Case Series of Induced Lactation by Muslim Adoptive Mothers
Meg Kawan, MD MPH IBCLC Supporting Breastfeeding in a Large, Urban, Pediatric Primary Care Setting Using Multi-Level Interventions
Julie Knutson, CNM IBCLC Providing Equitable Support for Exclusive Breastfeeding at an Academic Women's Specialty Hospital
Angela Liu, MD Prenatal Hand Expression of Breastmilk to Help Increase Initial and Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates
Adetola Louis-Jacques, MD Infant Feeding and Sleep Practices amongst Physicians during the Most Challenging Period of their Career
Adetola Louis-Jacques, MD Gut Microbial Patterns by Lactational Status in the First Six Months Postpartum
Adetola Louis-Jacques, MD Lactation and Association with Maternal Cardiometabolic Health Outcomes in the CHILD Study
Jennifer Lynch, APRN Impact of a Quality Improvement Project to Improve Access to Lactation Support on Breastfeeding Rates in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting
Amairani Marín Leal Factors Associated with the Level of Knowledge about Breastfeeding
Manisha Mills, MD IBCLC Predictors of Direct Breastfeeding in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Emily Moody, BA Obstacles to Breastfeeding in Inpatient Pediatric Settings: A Qualitative Study
Julie Najar, MD Disparities in Hospital Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding by Preferred Language
Nancy Napitupulu, MD Severe Dehydration and Acute Kidney Injury in Baby Born with Tongue Tie: A Case Report