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The COVID Mothers Study: How ABM’s Worldwide Network of Physicians Collaborated on Urgent Research


ABM Candid Conversations: A Virtual Interview with Protocol Authors Helen Johnson, MD and Katrina Mitchell, MD IBCLC


New Protocol on Breast Cancer and Breastfeeding


Pregnant and Lactating Women with COVID-19: Scant Clinical Research


Should infants be separated from COVID-19-positive mothers?


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Publishes New Bedsharing Guidelines


Team-based primary care breastfeeding support


Baby Friendly Increases Breastfeeding Rates— The Problem with the Fancy Graph Study


Towards Improved Support for Medical Trainees Who Are Breastfeeding


First Droplets Website: Empower Parents Enable Breastfeeding #WBW2019


Support for Lactating Medical Trainees


Eliminating Disparities in Breastfeeding and Infant Mortality: Conference 2018


Where will you be when (not if) you fall asleep while feeding your baby?


ABM’s Model Maternity Policy Supportive of Breastfeeding: More than just a protocol revision


I’m grateful for a community of physicians who care deeply about breastfeeding


Reclaiming “Breastfeeding” from “Human Milk:” Politics, Public Health, and the Power of Money


Marijuana and Breastfeeding


Worldwide study on sudden infant death finds factors associated with poverty and racism are more important than bedsharing


ABM’s First Australia/ New Zealand Regional Conference


The well-being of mothers and children is not a tradeable commodity


Every time a baby goes to breast, the $70 billion baby food industry loses a sale


Separation of children and infants from parents – breastfeeding implications


Breastfeeding, advocacy and women’s rights


Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders in Breastfeeding Mothers: To Treat or Not To Treat


Breastfeeding Mitigates a Disaster


The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Issues Guidance on Informal Milk Sharing for Healthy Term Infants


ABM Ethics Committee Formal Grievance Review is Ongoing


On finding #MyPeopleABM: Physicians share what ABM means to them


Surgeons who pump: #ILookLikeASurgeon


ABM Releases Revised Supplementation Protocol


The Burden of Proof


Trust and test weights


Short report on the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Congress


AAP New Policy Statement on Donor Human Milk for the High Risk Infant


Naturalizing Breastfeeding Through Filters


Evidence is Clear: Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Increases Breastfeeding Rates in the US and Closes Breastfeeding Disparities


A tribute to Miriam H. Labbok


A tribute to Audrey Naylor


The Sixth European ABM Conference in Lisbon Portugal—A Win for Organizers and Attendees Alike!


It’s time to disarm the formula industry


US Public Health guildelines should reflect evidence, not anecdote


Should You Sleep Train Your Baby at 2 Months?


Update: Research studies quantify risks of risk-based language


Might there be risks of risk-based language?


@nickkristof When Whites Just Don’t Get It: Breastfeeding is not a “personal behavior”


Watch your baby, not the clock


Rebuttal to Dr. Amy Tuteur regarding Time editorial


How rooming in helps moms and babies


The Lancet Launches Breastfeeding Publication


Of goldilocks and neonatal hypernatremia


Return to work blues


“Lactivism” and breastfeeding backlash: A second look


Promotion without Support: A Reply to Editorials that Attack Breastfeeding Advocacy


Arthur Eidelman deconstructs the latest breastfeeding-and-IQ study


Is it really about sexualizing breasts? Or is it about rape culture?


WBW 2015: Women and Work, Let’s Make it WORK


Two lies and a truth: Formula Feeding campaign is off base


Fallout from IQ study ignores barriers to breastfeeding


I #March4Nutrition to make #breastfeeding a right, not a privilege


Breastfeeding Reducing Childhood Obesity: Fact, Fiction or Sometimes?


ABM updates protocol on contraception and breastfeeding


ABM Advocates for Breastfeeding at the United Nations


Cultural considerations for breastfeeding among Latina women


A breast surgeon weighs in on breastfeeding and breast cancer survivors


CDC issues guidelines on breastfeeding and Ebola


Breast Milk CMV and the risk of feeding the VLBW infant


Mastitis Protocol Updated


Newly Published! ABM Clinical Protocol #1: Guidelines for Blood Glucose Monitoring and Treatment of Hypoglycemia in Term and Late-Preterm Neonates, Revised 2014


Day of Action: get out from under the influence of a lifetime of formula marketing


Help Your Clients Understand Their Rights in the Workplace


Breastfeeding Management: It’s so much more than just the latch


Should the AAP Sleep Alone?


What if we realized that food security is homeland security?


How often does breastfeeding come undone?


How ABM enables mothers and babies to breastfeed


World Breastfeeding Week – Now is the time to start planning!


Shame, guilt and the search for common ground


Reports on breastfeeding sibling study are vastly overstated


ABM Gold Member Profile: Touraj Shafai, MD, PhD, FAAP, FABM


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine urges AAP to end formula marketing partnership


ABM Executive Committee urges AAP to discontinue formula marketing relationship


Caring about breastfeeding in prenatal care


Online milk sales, beyond “buyer beware”


ABM Gold Member Profile: Anne M. Montgomery, MD, FABM


ABM Gold Member Profile: Lori Feldman-Winter, MD, MPH, FABM


ABM Lifetime Member Profile: Nancy E. Wight, MD, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP


ABM Gold Member Profile: Featuring Paula K. Schreck, MD


President’s Corner – Breastfeeding Mitigates a Disaster


The New York Times Covers Breast Milk and Brain Development




Can Genetic Analysis of Breast Milk Help Identify Ways to Improve a Newborn’s Diet?


Breastfeeding and depression: It’s complicated


Breast-Feeding Trends Infograph


Early, limited data for early, limited formula use


The President’s Corner


18th Annual International Meeting of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine


Re-visiting pacifiers and breastfeeding


The Breastfeeding and Obesity Controversy


Establishing the Fourth Trimester


Building a breastfeeding culture


Questioning the Feasibility of a Paid Maternity Leave Policy During a Time of Ecconomic Crisis


The First 1000 Days


How a Surgeon Ended up in ABM


How often does breastfeeding just not work?


ABM Member Profile: Featuring Caroline Chantry, MD, FABM


WBW 2012 – Understanding the Past: Planning the Future


ABM Member Profile: Featuring Rima L. Strassman, MD, FABM


ABM Responds to The New York Times’ “The Milk Wars”


Stop the Madness


La dolce vita of breastfeeding in Trieste


ABM Member Profile: Featuring Susan Landers, MD, FABM


Buongiorno from the 4th ABM European Regional Meeting for Physicians in Trieste Italy!


ABM affirms breastfeeding beyond infancy as the biological norm


Time cover sells out moms to sell magazines


ABM Member Profile: Featuring Felicity Savage, MD, FABM


Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water


ABM President responds to Vaccines and Breastfeeding


Spread the ABM Holiday Cheer!


ABM Responds to The New York Times’ “AIDS-Free Generation”


Conservative rhetoric masquerading as breastfeeding advocacy


Improving the world, one breastfeeding dyad at a time


Newest ABM Protocol Released from the International Meeting in Miami Today: Allergic Proctocolitis in the Exclusively Breastfed Infant


Mountains and hills in infant nutrition


What a difference five years makes


Highlights from Third Annual Summit on Breastfeeding: First Food–The Essential Role of Breastfeeding


WIC Peer Counseling Program essential for public health


Announcing our Newest Protocol: ABM Clinical Protocol #10: Breastfeeding the Late Preterm Infant (34 0/7 to 36 6/7 Weeks Gestation) (First Revision June 2011)


Emotional (!) responses to breastfeeding promotion and formula marketing


Do I laugh or cry?


Now on iTunes: An audio galactogogue


ABM Protocol and Statement Updates!


“A sucker born every minute”: pacifiers and breastfeeding


Breastfeeding in the Face of Natural Disaster and Nuclear Reactor Core Damage


Down with rules!


Attachment, development and the Surgeon General


ABM President responds to Obama/Bachman controversy


New Galactogogue Protocol–New Attitude??


Is breastfeeding promotion bad for mothers?


Putting breastfeeding on the research agenda


IRS decision recognizes that public health begins with breastfeeding


It takes a society to breastfeed a child


Real Family Values


The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding: Reflections of an Eyewitness


Is ‘breast only’ for first 6 months best?


Breastfeeding–Preventive Medicine for Pain?


Physician Mothers: How do we fare with breastfeeding?


All I want for Christmas is Milk


Healthy People 2020 goals take on booby traps


Sleep study no basis for clinical advice


Breastfeeding is as much about the food as sex is about the sperm


Clinical pearl: The Murphy Maneuver for diagnosing tongue tie


Clinical pearl: Break up plugged ducts with an electric toothbrush


NICU pearl: Cover the containers during pumping to make more milk


Clinical pearl: Use the cord clamp to bring babies back at 3-5 days


Clinical pearl: A quick fix for vasospasm


Clinical pearl: Your baby has not read any of your books


Clinical pearl: Give baby until 4 days past his due date to get the hang of breastfeeding


Highlights from day two of ABM 2010


Highlights from day one of ABM 2010


Why I’m conflicted about breast pumps and flexible spending accounts


WABA Global Breastfeeding Partners’ Forum

Why ‘Beetlejuice’ is a losing argument to bolster breastfeeding


Nestle, AAP Partnership half-baked

How babies grow

It can happen here

Breastfeeding for me and my health

The Breastfeeding Cheerleader

Celebrating Skin to Skin

Running a road race without shoes

Health care reform, bright futures, and the community lactation center

Breastfeeding and Maternity Leave

Formula marketing’s effect on the public purse

Giving moms what they want?

What does feminism have to do with breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Backlash

New contraception guidelines could undermine breastfeeding mothers

How will you celebrate the Ten Steps?

For the good of my patients

Breastfeeding Promotion and the Accountable Care Organization

Full disclosure

Celebrating the Journey

The Redbook Controversy

Well said, Stephanie!

Breastfeeding Promotion and the Electronic Medical Record

Appearances Mean Everything…or Do They?

Pediatric literature catching up to lactation literature?

Why we still need to “Watch our language”

Discussions with Doctors


When lactation doesn’t work

Disclosure and Transparency: How do we know just who is giving us advice?

Sustaining breastfeeding in the US: a control issue?

Conflict of Interest: The connections between ABC News, Dr. Beard, & Nestle

Does breastfeeding prevent postpartum depression?

Breastfeeding Promotion and Health Care Reform

Jaundice, breastfeeding both normal for newborns

Call your Senator now to support paid family leave

An analysis that is missing half the equation

What did that study really show?

What’s an abstract, and why does it matter?

Is that drug safe for breastfeeding?

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